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03:07pm 15/07/2006
  (Click here to post your own answers for this meme.)

× I miss somebody right now.  (eh, fuck that.) × I don't watch much TV these days.  (only star trek.. ha. ya spike TV.) I own lots of books.  (mostly artsy fartsy stuff.)
I wear glasses or contact lenses.  (to drive. besides that i usually walk into things :)) × I love to play video games(perhaps...) I've tried marijuana.  (more than just tried.)
I've watched porn movies.  (yeah, my friend had horrible 80's porn. scarred for life, basically.) × I have been the psycho-ex in a past relationship.  (no psycho ex's, just stalkers.) I believe honesty is usually the best policy.
I curse sometimes.  (fuck.) I have changed a lot mentally over the last year. × I carry my knife/razor everywhere with me.  (lol.)
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02:00am 18/06/2006
  drunk drunk drunk.

guess thats all there is to do on the hill these days.

tomorrow/today is going to be 91 degrees, so any one who wants to join in on running around in the fountain by the reflecting pool, feel free to join!


<3 shannon
02:39am 12/06/2006
mood: curious
so today i went out to JP to see the lovely lisette.

and when i arrive back at my appartment what do i find?

lo and behold, a love note *aw*.

its kinda cute, they left it on my front stoop with a stuffed animal. it kinda pisses me off though b/c now im going to wonder who its from.

oh well.

i may not want to know after all.
officially broke, but for all the right reasons   
02:14am 10/03/2006
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04:05am 06/01/2006
  not quite finished yet, but u get the idea:

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01:37am 23/11/2005

this is my next tattoo
its not quite finished yet,but its gonna go on the upper left (on my front, not back)
 between breast and shoulder i suppose, lol.
 let me know what u think.
01:02pm 31/10/2005
  someone is trying to hack into my livejournal. stupid bastard.

didn't work did it?
01:09am 17/10/2005
mood: sad
god i hate this.

i fucking hate this.

im going to bite my tongue, im going to not be around. i dont care ne more. if u need anything good luck finding me.

4 am   
04:03am 16/10/2005
mood: full
the rain wont stop.

if you heard about NH being flooded, my hometown was one of them. downtown was under two feet of water. i wanted to be there just so i could swim down it :)

my b-day was that flood weekend, it was great. i was pampered and loved all weekend. i luv my roommates, i luv my friends. i luv boston! friends from home took me out to eat at 'elephant walk', katee took me to the northend for alfredo, kyle came down to visit and bought me jewelry :) we partied hard and threw a dance party, and danced in the rain. lily ruth and i were the ladies of the night. there was also champagne night, and ppl brought presents (!) which included victorias secret stuff, and oreos, and light up swords and tiaras. it was the best. words can not explain how happy everyone made me.

despite the rain and being sick this week, it wasnt too too bad. ive been wrapped in sweaters and wool socks all weekend. i even busted out the long underwear...

my brother has a new girl friend, he's bringing her to boston so i can meet her! im excited :) and he got a half sleeve done.. which i never thought he'd go thru with. what a badass?

this coming weekend is pumpkin fest! im taking ruth, weiner, bri and possibly one other person.. if u wanna come let me know, cuz there is room for one more :) pumpkin fest is great! everyone is going to be home, and on friday we are going to do pumpkin carving(!). i get to see/cuddle with my kitty, and see the boys who i misss soooo much. its going to be a wonderful weekend! i cant wait.

what else?? O! an old friend started talking to me again, we had this huge falling out last year, and we had both been too stubborn to own up to whatever it was. she appologized, and thats all i needed to hear. so we shall see where this will go. im really excited to be talking to her again, a year is a lot to miss out of someones life.

alright, sleep time. and then tomorrow its work all day with dante!
12:57am 20/09/2005
  so yeah, ive been living in boston the past couple of weeks. ive been trying to keep in touch, while unpacking and painting and going to classes. kinda stressful. but im managing somehow.


sometimes i really dont like gemini's.... they are just so fucking stubborn.
it just sucks when u do so much for someone then the second u do something not right they throw it in your face. im really frustrated with the New Hampshire drama. it makes me not want to go home for my birthday cuz i dont want to go home and feel like shit when i can have a good time in the city. oh well.... we shall see how it turns out.

i am going home for pumpkin fest, and so far Ruth, lily, lauren and katee want to come. im excited. i really want my friends to see how beautiful and wonderful it is in my town. (except for the inane drama).

oh me. time for sleep. goodnight mooon.
08:10am 24/08/2005
  oh yeah, rocky horror picture show is coming to keene this saturday, and a guess a group is coming up from boston to the do the whole performance thing while the movie is going :)

if ne one wants to come, which i highly encourage, it costs 15 bucks and u get a complementary prop bag, which pretty much sold me :)
tim curry = hot in corsette :P   
07:51am 24/08/2005
mood: curious

so i went to marthas vineyard over the weekend and chilled with miss lily. it was the biggest tourist weekend of the summer there, so my dislike for yuppies has grown emensely.

but ne ways, this is what we did! :

*Carnival the first night, where we rode rides like the gravitron, the sizzler, parachute and waht not. all the while discussing what would happen if our cart would detach and we went flying thru the air. the sizzler is the ride from hell, we couldnt understand why we waited so long for such a painfull ride. seriously, my jaw hurt the next day from grimacing, lol. the worst was the carni ferris wheel, cuz not only did the cart move back and forth, but the entire ride swayed in the breeze. so much for a relaxing last ride :)

* the next night we went to the fire works, where we saw lariah, and sat so close to the display that we were getting showered with chunks of casing and sulfer(or w/e). we then met up with her bro and some kids (at like midnight) and went to some really public touristy beach and made a giant vulger sandcastle :) i will let u use your imagination. ANYWAY we partied with her brother, who is f-ing hilarious.

* we were able to go to blackpoint, which is this private beach that costs hundreds of thousands of dollars to aquire a pass to it. we got lucky. but yeah, the water was BEAUTIFUL and the waves were perrrrfect and the sand was white!! so yeah, it was nice :)

* we also did some other stuff like going to oak bluffs and drinking coffee and what not. we saw a giant fish(it was seriously huge) swim right by us to nab this sand crab, and shorty after we ran out of the water. we saw ginourmous crabs and swam all over the island.

* ha, we also covered her fridge with 30 post it notes with different words on it, oh, like "ass crack" and "herpes" and stuff like that to get a rise out of her parents. which i should say doesnt work, lily has beaten them down with all the crazy things she has done. when we got back later all the notes were in the trash, but apparently they found them amusing :)

so yeah, it was a great weekend! i also visited dahl on the way back :) shes a sweety. but i'll tell u, driving in worchester sucks balls. seriously. i got lost soooo many times it embarrassing.

and now im back in keene, working my last few days at the power plant. im happy to say that i neither glow green at night, nor do i have any extra limbs. so yay for that.

i have to start organizing all my shit for school. the last thing i needed arrived in the mail yesterday. so now all i need to do is figure out how to fit all my clothing into two bags... hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

so right, i'll be in boston in 8 days (!).

11:59am 16/08/2005
  i miss my best friend.

there is nothing else left to say about it ne more.
i really kinda actually wanna watch 5th element.... hmm   
05:03pm 15/08/2005
mood: giggly
so apparently i giggle in my sleep, but only when im around mass artians :)

i guess u guys just make me happy!

so im gonna be like miss dahl and make my countdown of wonderful things!


3 more days until i see LILY! (i just i...)
10 more days until my last day at work (which means no more growing third or fourth limbs and glowing in the dark)
17 days until i move into 10 oswald!
18 days til i can see "lesbiana!"

good enuff for now :)

oh hey, so ruth and i are going to get some really awesome lizard/reptile... we were thinking of getting a baby iguana (how cute! right?) so needless to say im pretty excited!

<3 <3 <3 <3

oh ps. im officially addicted to peircings
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sketchy goth kids and lots of black :)   
05:38pm 14/08/2005
mood: bouncy
i lost my goth club virginity last night! it was lots of fun.
ruth, lisa and i went to this club in lowle(spl?) and it was a good time. apparently not as fun as manray, but not much we can do there cuz they are closed at the moment.
so anywho, lisa and ruth dressed me up as "pretty goth" so i had black lacey things on and some really tall platform boots! with buckles! i was pretty damn excited to say the least.

so we danced to our hearts extent, and the owner kept all the creepy guys away from us. he was fairly cool and his name was "shades" apparently. yay for goth names too!

so that was my fun for last night, now im gonna go take a shower cuz i feel pretty damn gross :)


oooo! going to lil's on thursday! yay!
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9:15am... and the day begins to drag   
08:41am 09/08/2005
  i just spent the entire weekend on bakers island with katee and ariele. it was great. i am such an ocean/water/beach kind of person.
i also found out that im really alergic to something.... im just not sure what. i think i have it narrowed down to something i ate at a thai restuarant, lol. oh well, i suppose i wont be eating there any time soon!

i guess ive been "sensitive" to a lot of things lately. but thats what happens when you are aggravated with being home.

so there.



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11:09pm 27/07/2005
mood: bored
People are to quick to get angry.

You think they'd see past their anger.

I didn't think this summer would be worst than last year.

oh well. NE ways, Arieles house this weekend!
im excited cuz i get to seeeeee some really awesome ppl :)

its will jsut be good to get out of this town this weekend.

b double e double r u n.....   
11:46pm 25/07/2005
mood: tired
so there was this "small" explosion today at my work, mind u i work at a power plant, ha. so yeah, we have this huuuuge electrical yard, u know the kind with all the huge electric lines and the talllll metal stuff. u know, supposedly if u live under these kind of lines u can get cancer... but then again everything gives u cancer. NE ways, so i was "happilly" doing my computer stuff when all the sudden there was the loud bang and the floor shook, and then we lost power. sooo, come to find out, one the the towers on these electrical lines blew. no worries, nothing to do with the whole radiation aspect of the plant, but im willing to bet a few houses lost their power. lu luv my job... ehem. sarcasm of course.

wow, i really cant wait to get out of this job.
so yeah, 38 days til im back in boston. i think im going to take many a trip everyweekend until that day comes, that way i wont crack someones skull.

alright, its 12, and i wake up at 5:45... so time to sleep it is.

'night all.

10:03am 19/07/2005
  so i have a friend who has been interested in me for a while, and being the person i am i havnt really thought about it until recently(yes im an ass, i know). he is kinda of a rebelious "dood" who tries to play is cool all the time. i usually cant help but shake my head at him some time. but apparently he has this romantic side and he wants to take me out somewhere :) so i figured lets see what this guy is all about.

you never know what will come of it unless u try right?


oh and by the way, im going to sound like a parent for a sec, please dont drink and drive. two people i know have died in accidents this week. its sad, and i dont want ne one else getting hurt. they say death comes in threes, and hoping its not true.
how to: the adventures of gaining a secretaries butt.   
11:16am 14/07/2005
  what is there really to write? summer is going by fast, which makes me really happy, mostly cuz i have lost faith in most of my friends here. i dont spend any weekends in my town. i travel and visit people from school. if u want me to visit (wink wink, nudge nudge) just let me know, i am more than willing to drive anywhere. ive actually spent much time with katee and ruth, and i got to see adorable ms. hannah gar pittman. times spent on the beach are the best.
i have to start calling me roomates for the coming year to figure out what ppl are bringing since i am the so called "leader" of the crazy-awesome group im living with. but i do need to call them, b/c in the words of lex, we dont want to have 5 couchs, ten tables, 200 forks and no appliances.
im super excited for buying stuff tho (altho im not your typical shopper... i like to buy sparkly/bright/colorful things) i cant wait to decorate my room, and i already decided that most of the decorations are going to be from 10,000 villages, cuz that store is AWESOME. those of u who havnt been there i suggest making a trip to north hampton in the near future. OH! i got to see lisette to :)(random, i know, but she is such a sweetheart).

i have to go get my tatoo touched up a wee bit, i think i will go do that tonight. its free afterall. i think i may put some color into it eventually. make hobbes have orange fur. maybe have calvins shirt be red. nothin to drastic.

blah blah blah blah blah.

i think my ass is getting bigger by the day. i hate sitting at this desk all the time. i know im gaining weight and it sucks. i like being little :(

i did buy new sneaks tho so im going to start running and ab sliding.

hmmm... whhhhaaat else....
party friday night. woot.
toby's house of rock saturday- TIP, Blindluck and what have u.
i go pretty much for nostalgic reasons: the fact that ive gone for the past 3 years.

and hooopefully ruth and katee are coming to visit
(my fingers are crossed)